Hacker Academy is a challenging, immersive and rewarding educational experience. The curriculum is designed to ensure graduates are prepared to enter the Silicon Valley job market immediately after completion.

After a student completes at least one course at Hacker Academy, USTSV will issue a graduate-level certificate of completion.

General Admission Requirements for Hacker Academy

While we welcome applications from all backgrounds, those who wish to enroll in USTSV’s Hacker Academy should have basic knowledge of computer science and/or a bachelor’s degree in information science, business, or a related field. Ideal applicants to Hacker Academy include the following:

  • Recent graduates of bachelor’s or master’s degree programs who have a desire to enhance their knowledge in new technologies and emerging best practices
  • Experienced professionals who seek to elevate their technical skills and/or ensure they are competitive in the Silicon Valley job market
  • Professionals from a non-computer science related industry who hope to enter the tech industry
  • Computer professions from outside the United States who have recently immigrated and want to find their first job in the United States
  • An entrance exam may be given in order to establish the student’s technical qualification for a course in the Hacker Academy

All applicants should display a strong motivation to learn, demonstrated leadership skills and a desire to enhance their ability to succeed in a competitive technological job market like Silicon Valley.

Application Process

Prospective USTSV Hacker Academy students should contact USTSV Admissions to discuss past experience, credentials and future goals.

As part of the admissions process, USTSV faculty will conduct interviews and a technical screening to evaluate fit and technical ability prior to entering the program.

Prospective students will be notified of faculty recommendations prior to making a decision to enroll.