Learn, Practice and Perfect Advanced Algorithms with F.A.S.T Program

Algorithms are widely recognized by top-tier tech companies as one of the most sought after and critical skill when making hiring decisions. Employees must excel at problem solving and understand how to deploy simple to advanced algorithms in their day-to-day work. At USTSV, we believe that learning, practicing, and perfecting algorithms in a collaborative environment should be accessible to every software engineer without paying exorbitant prices.

We are proud to offer F.A.S.T. (FREE Algorithm Study Team) to anyone with the desire to increase their understanding and skills of algorithms.

F.A.S.T is a study group designed for recent graduates, seasoned tech professionals and everyone in between. Interested students practice and solve algorithms together under the guidance and direction of experienced USTSV faculty members. For example, faculty members challenge students by posing numerous LEETCODE algorithms to enhance student’s practical knowledge and application for use in today’s most challenging job interviews at companies like FAANG.

Each F.A.S.T program typically lasts four weeks.

This is NOT a free trial, but is completely cost-free from beginning to end.

Participants in F.A.S.T. are expected to contribute to the collaborative, team environment fostered by USTSV faculty. With active contribution, students can expect to improve their problem solving and algorithm skills with the intention to succeed in the most challenging coding tests and job interviews.

USTSV welcomes anyone with an interest in computer algorithms and a desire to enhance their skills in advanced algorithms.

Interested individuals should hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited, four-year university. Prospective participants should also have a basic programming skill and some background in computer science and engineering.

While there is a simple aptitude test upon initial entrance in to the program, the purpose is to understand the student’s existing programming skills in order for program faculty to assign him/her to the appropriate learning track.

Please visit the USTSV F.A.S.T's Admissions page for more information on how to apply for this program.

F.A.S.T offers three tracks to accommodate different algorithm skill levels and to best cater to varying levels of programming experience:

  • Easy – for programming beginners and recent graduates
  • Medium – for intermediate level programmers with some experience with algorithms
  • Hard – for experienced software engineers wishing to extend and practice their knowledge

Each F.A.S.T group consists or 10-20 students assigned to the same track (easy, medium, hard) and typically meet for two or three, 2-hour sessions per weeks over the course of four weeks. Each study session will focus on a main subject (e.g. String or BFS), and the students will be presented with a number of LEETCODE problems to solve during the study session.

Each study session may include following activities:

  • Individual study
  • Whiteboarding and Q&A
  • Faculty-led collaborative problem solving
  • Mock OA and post-analysis

In general, the first three weeks of study focus on LEETCODE problems. During the fourth and final week, students are given two HackerRank coding tests to appraise their skills.

As with all the faculty at USTSV, leaders of F.A.S.T. are industry leading experts and veteran professors in their field. They not only teach, guide and challenge students at F.A.S.T., but also offer insights and mentorship during the job search.